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Growing a Business Takes Hard Work

Top 5 Business Challenges

All businesses large and small, old and new, face challenges throughout their existence. 

Business challenges are an inevitable aspect of running a business. Whether it is fierce competition from other companies, a struggling economy, or changes in consumer preferences and market trends, businesses must be prepared to deal with these challenges head-on in order to survive and thrive. If business challenges are not addressed promptly and app... Read more

Benefits of a Business Strategy

Having a successful business strategy is essential to the success of any company. A well-executed strategic plan can help your business achieve its goals and objectives, while a poorly planned strategy can lead to disaster.

When businesses are struggling, it's important to have an up-to date business strategy in order for your company not only survive but also thrive. We know that sounds dramatic (and maybe even unfair), however when you lo... Read more

How We Strategic Plan

We believe in providing you with simple effective tools that can help you:

  1. Get a clear roadmap to increased sales and profitability in 3 months or less
  2. Work with an experienced MBA consultant for personalized help and support
  3. DIY tools are simple-effective and easy to use
  4. Get results quickly and without breaking the bank

We are focused on your success. Everything we do is with you in mind. If we can't use our own advice and tools to be success... Read more

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Twinkle Beds

They helped us solidify our strategy. Their tools and guidance made a difference

Bricks and Minifigs

When we started with Sensum I was lost and overwhelmed. We had an online store that was puttering along. We had data but no analysis, and I felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants a ...


As our older management consultant put it "They just gave you a marketing strategy that is worth ten times more than what you paid for that marketing plan you never use". Sensum delivers quality.

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